Experiencing Indonesian Roads

So a month or so ago I was feeling adventurous… I got my Indonesian licence. Now don’t be too impressed just yet- there was no driving test, no road rules exam. Why? You ask. Well check out the photos at this WowShack link and you’ll see why.

Driving in Indonesia is like Marble Run. You just pull out on to the road, regardless if there is a bike, car, cat, truck coming and go; mostly at a glacial pace because the roads (if you can call them that) are increasingly becoming giant craters with bits of sealed road around them. See the lack of need for testing my practical or theoretical knowledge?

Rules? There are no rules. The road is for driving and you are King, or Queen in my case. Lanes are merely suggested spaces to travel within and indicators are decoration. In the far right lane and to turn left? No problem, just drift across and sound your horn once or twice and you’re sweet!

Police helpfully blowing their whistles and imploring cars to move along a road resembling a car park is the norm. Somehow waving a red stick evokes the traffic gods and traffic finds a way to creep on just enough to make you believe that yep, we are making progress.

Pedestrians step out on to the street without remotely looking and possess a wonderous thing called a ‘magic hand’. Hold your hand out and wave it about and you too will be the proud owner of a magic hand that creates an invisibility/protective shield. The power is unprecedented I assure you!

Now I have not even begun to do the WowShack post justice; take a look for yourself. And no, I haven’t taken our car out for a spin just yet…


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