Keeping connected..

Being a trailing spouse certainly allows the significance of maintaining long distance relationships to shine on through.  Like others, I have different ‘go to’ people for the many challenges life throws at you while living away from home.  These days social networking makes reconnecting so easy, effortless and convenient and I must admit to wondering sometimes how the TS coped in the era of snail mail?!

My sister, four BFFs and mum are just the ticket back to reality when needed. During the last 12 months at post I have experienced the full rollercoaster ride of emotions. D bears the brunt most times but for other times my tribe gets me through and I love them more than anything ( remember that you’re here to ensure that the posted officer’s life carries on as normal and with the least amount of stress, right?).

They listen and provide that (I want to say harsh) reality check that is needed to sometimes put life back into perspective and importantly they do this without judgment and with my best interests at heart.  And the wonderful thing is that I get to do the same for them when needed.  We laugh through tears and see that things are pretty great really and that you’re never alone.  Black humour during difficult times is a godsend!

What would we do without our tribe?


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