Trailing Spouse: An education on self

Accompanying my spouse on his overseas posting turned out to be more about discovering more about myself than about seeking new adventures in a very foreigwpid-wp-1421210595301.jpegn country. I had to let go of my former self to an extent and allow change to happen, all the while holding on to what is essentially me. I had to discover who I was without the many layers of career woman, friend, partner, daughter, whoever and start all over again.  And I did.

With time I have established a new support network of trusted friends, found a short term job, and lived a life.  I learned that I could manage and create a happy existence once I worked through a few bumpy moments and realisations and extended kindness and patience to myself. Here’s what I discovered about me..

I am resilient, flexible and resourceful

I am compassionate and kindhearted

I am a loyal and trustworthy friend

I am a supportive and selfless partner

I am a lifelong learner

I am a good person.

Not a bad education of self for being ‘just a trailing spouse’.  What have you discovered?



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