Australia travel tips: 20 things that will surprise first-time visitors

An interesting perspective for those visiting Australia for the first time. What surprised you the most?


4 Stages of Culture Shock

Waiting for the GP/Dr to see me and I thought I’d re visit the site below to see how I am travelling (pardon the pun) on our adjustment to returning to Australia.

Having sailed smoothly through the honeymoon phase, I recognise I am now in the depths of the frustration phase. Everything is frustrating – misplacing items, finding a carpark, not having pasta in the cupboard when making spaghetti bolognaise, loved ones.. Everything and everyone. 

On top of this are life usual annoyances and these seem to compound the feeling of frustration. As well as trying to keep oneself in check as being blunt, abrupt and rude is quite easy at this stage for me. Because I’m ‘over it’s and by ‘it’ I mean everything. It’s work, being back in Australia, it’s adjusting to a different lifestyle and city and the way things are done here. My normal and familiar are back there and I need to establish a new normal and familiar here. 

I’m homesick. I’m numb. I’m trying to be resilient. I’m trying to be patient and kind, mostly to myself. And I thank my loved ones and colleagues for their understanding and support during this time. It’s bloody hard!